Legion TD Mega 3.3 released !

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Legion TD Mega 3.3 released !

Post  HuanAk on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:26 pm

    another big version.. 3.3 finally out !

v3.3 (2011.06.29) Download link : http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/legion-td-mega-3-3-a-194224/

    3.3 (2011.6.29)
    * [SIZE="4"]Fix Fatal Error/Crash cause by Artic[/SIZE]
    * Infanty attack faster (still same 30dps)
    * Juiced Mutant sell for 100% gold if freshly built
    * Quick Mode -sd & -ar now include -li

    3.2 (2011.6.26)
    * New Race : Orc
    * New Special Event: after level 10 & 20
    * Mercenary have limit on how much they can summon.
    * Mercenary's damage changed (Chao to other)
    * Elf's Ascedent is more useful
    * Nature's Ygg attack faster(wont' leak level 1)
    * Ghost's Forsaken One become better tank(light->heavy armor)
    * Marine's Mermaid ability change (+6 -> +3 armor )
    * lvl5 is easier, lvl9 is harder, lvl28 is easier
    * All race have same hotkey for all tower = Q, W, E ,R , A, S

    combined mode (make mode shorter)
    -gm = gg + mm
    -gc = gg +cb
    -gl = gg +li
    -cl = cb +li
    (hg & x3 is default, don't need to type)

    Hostbot Command Library:
    - you can enter mode from hostbot setting or .config file
    - you can enter mode in lobby room before game start. eg: !hcl apggcb
    - hg, x3 is default (you don't need to type them)
    - you don't need to type "-", just "ap" is enough
    - mode limited to 1 character per player/computer(eg 4v4 = 10 chracter)


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