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Post  HighestIncome on Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:56 pm

I agree with sunderkeenin, but to make Nortan moderator is a simple thing (with right people), we are discussing much more complicated thing here. Before i start anything i will say that yes,  twistex- is norocogugle (or however), i checked that. 

I was thinking for a long time about this and i also said that i will make post 'How to measure LTD player's skill level', but i failed. And that really makes me sad, because there must be a way, i just can't reach that level of thinking. The best legion td mega player i have ever seen in my life is my friend, [BlackJohnny]. It is true that he makes some mistakes here and there, but i always have a chance to correct those mistakes, because we always play in lan or under 'Skype' call. 

About manners, yes, you guys are right and i want to apologize. But i never wish bad when i say 'Nortan you failed, you didn't upgrade MM into Oracle for level 31', instead of 'Nortan, i think that you could maybe upgrade MM into Oracle for Legion Lords, it would help us a bit'. Sure there is a difference between these 2, but point is the same. I promise that i will work on it, i will try to respect other players more, although they are maybe not at my 'level'.

Best Regards, HI

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