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Post  Kongk on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:19 pm

Complete Changelog for Legion TD Revo A19

*Fixed -ar mode (wasn't working at all)
*Fixed lvl 31 aura issue (you weren't able to buy auras at lvl 31)
*Fixed "Slayer bug" (Slayer changed stats on round start)

*Woodland's Protector - Decreased "Ring of Life" regeneration rate to 50
*Cannoneer - Decreased splash effect a bit
*Acsendant - Made bosses immune to "Oppression"
*Astro Acsendant - Made bosses immune to "Oppression"

*Level 7 - Buffed (a bit)
*Level 8 - Buffed (a bit)
*Level 14 - Buffed (a bit)
*Level 17 - Buffed
*Level 20 - Buffed (a bit)
*level 27 - Nerfed

Gameplay Changes:
*Turned off -gg after lvl 20
*Disabled -value command
*Added Recommended Value to each level
*Removed Rally point from town

Complete Changelog for Legion TD Revo A18

*phantom + upgs bug fixed (didn't attack when less then 3 targets)
*Fel Kodo Beast bug fixed (ability didn't fit to description)
*Corrected all tooltips on Dwarf race
*Corrected all tooltips on Arctic race

*Wanderer - Decreased HP to 570
*Skeleton Warrior - Increaed HP to 2500
*Skeleton King - Increased HP to 5000
*Dwarven Warrior - Decreased HP to 530
*Gyrocopter - Increased HP to 1200
*Shield Breaker - Increased HP to 1050
*Axe Thrower - Decreased HP to 1200 - Decreased attack speed to 0.60                
*Axe Master - Decreased HP to 2800 - Decreased attack speed to 0.60  - Decreased defense to 4                  
*Dwarven King - Decreased attack speed to 1.40
*Qalupalik Spearman - Decreased HP to 1100              
*Qalupalik Veteran - Decreased HP to 1730  - Decreased Attack Speed to 0.90                      
*Qalupalik Spearmaster - Decreased HP to 2100  - Decreased Attack Speed to 1.00                            
*Dire Wolf - Decreased HP to 430  
*Ice Warchief - Decreased HP to 1800 - Decreased Attack Speed to 1.10                  
*Nanook - Decreased HP to 2460  - Decreased Base Dmg. to 191
*Increased unit size of lvl 10 and 20 bosses


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